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Here’s a new meaning to the word “clockwise”! The Backwards Clock face is printed in nonreversed numbers AND the mechanism works in reverse*. The numbers on this 10-1/2″ (26.7 cm) plastic backwards clock are arranged counterclockwise to help you keep track of how much time you’re saving. Requires one AA battery (not included), and comes […]

Wedlock Cross


The Wedlock Cross is the first of an entirely new jewelry line that is both decorative and practical. How many times have you been working with your hands, realized that your wedding ring could be damaged, and had to worry about leaving your ring in a pocket where it might fall out? Or worse yet, […]


Incorporated in 2003, Genius Goods Inc, finds useful and interesting products first and brings them to market.

For example, we long ago foresaw a trend towards smaller home living and concluded that a need for smaller appliances such as countertop dishwashers. Such products are also greener as they use less resources and operate for less money.

We will continue to find useful and innovative quality products. Stay tuned!