Our sundresses are the most beautiful comfort clothing to be found anywhere! Each sundress is lovingly made by our seamstresses, inspected for quality and design, and sent directly to you with aloha.

Sundresses are like wearing a smile, they are like playful flirting with nature. Wear our sundresses, and you will feel happier and active. People will notice! Enter Sundress Store HERE

Sundresses are what memories are made in; tropical dinners with friends on a summer night by the light of burning torches, dancing to Reggae, the feel of soft warm sand between your toes, holding hands with a summer love. Sundresses always remind of happy times.

Our sundresses are available in several styles. We have the long sundress that goes to above the ankle, the short sundress that comes to above the knee, and the sarong sundress that has a dramatic figure-flattering swoop of fabric bunched across the hipline. We even have our own line of ultra comfortable Muu-muus that are hand-stitched and almost feel as if you are wearing nothing at all.

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Incorporated in 2003, Genius Goods Inc, finds useful and interesting products first and brings them to market.

For example, we long ago foresaw a trend towards smaller home living and concluded that a need for smaller appliances such as countertop dishwashers. Such products are also greener as they use less resources and operate for less money.

We will continue to find useful and innovative quality products. Stay tuned!