Washer Dryer combos are a great space saving idea whose time has come! These units combine two appliances in the space of one.

These energy-effecient washer-dryers are as sophisticated and full-featured as their split-personality cousins, but with the same ease of use.

These are full-sized, quiet to operate, and easy to install.

We offer fast, reliable shipping and an in-house limited warranty on all models.

See all our washer dryer combos at http://www.washerdryercombos.com

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Incorporated in 2003, Genius Goods Inc, finds useful and interesting products first and brings them to market.

For example, we long ago foresaw a trend towards smaller home living and concluded that a need for smaller appliances such as countertop dishwashers. Such products are also greener as they use less resources and operate for less money.

We will continue to find useful and innovative quality products. Stay tuned!