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Compact kitchens are a new and unique space-saving combination appliance-cooking center! Put simply, they are a sink, refrigerator freezer, electric cooktop range and storage area all in one! A compact kitchen is at home in cottages, R.V.s, boats, icehouses, apartments…. great anyplace space is important. Retirees and college students love them, there is less to […]



Countertop dishwashers are great for any kitchen! About the size of a microwave oven, they are available with a wide array of features and controls. A countertop dishwasher can be a simple system of jets, or can be as complex and modern as any full-size dishwasher. These units all come with internal heaters, pumps, and […]



Dashiki shirts for men, women and children from Africa, India and the US on SALE with fast delivery. Our dashikis feature brilliantly colored prints, loose comfortable fit and the classic deep v-neck collar. You will also find a wide assortment of matching dashiki sets, which include two or more of the dashiki (shirt), sokoto (drawstring […]



A drawer refrigerator or freezer is the gold standard in comfort and convenience. No more squatting down to reach the bottom shelf, no more moving food aside to see what is behind it. With a drawer refrigerator, the food comes to you! Blending into the kitchen decor under the countertops rather than towering over everything, […]



A companion site to PropaneRefrigerator.US You will LOVE our line of Gas Refrigerators! Our site is one of the most popular for propane gas refrigerators for our low prices on a wide selection of gas refrigerators and freezers, and some of the lowest online prices anywhere! We offer major lines of gas refrigerators including Danby, […]



We are partnering with a major travel provider to go live with this service at the end of 2010. To give travel is the single largest unmet request made by online buyers today! We have heard this need, and are moving quickly to meet the challenge. This new and exciting service will enable our customers […]



Gun cleaning does something more than just allowing you to keep your firearm in the best possible operating condiiton. It enforces a regular method of inspection for damage, and make no mistake, the firing and ejection of a bullet from a gun is an explosive and violent process. When cleaning guns we have found broken […]



Hawaiian shirts are cool, laid back, for hangin’ loose. Wearing a hawaiian shirt sends a message of who you really are, and who you really want to be. Hawaiian shirts are all about making the wearer beautiful, man or woman, both inside and out! Mahalo! Here are some selections from our HUGE inventory of hawaiian […]



Our head wraps are designed for comfort, style and control! Each head wrap is quality made in 100% cotton that wicks away perspiration. The classic tie-in-back style is the quickest and easiest to put on, and the skullcap cut keeps your hair where you want it. Our head wraps are worn by athletes, motorcycle enthusiasts, […]



Induction cooktop cooking is like a microwave for your stove. A microwave directly shakes the atoms in food using microwaves, which we feel as heat. An induction cooktop directly shakes the iron atoms in cookware using magnets, producing an instant and safe heat. You can touch an induction cooktop when it is on without harm. […]



Kauai is one of the top island destinations in the world and is the trip of a lifetime. There is no other place quite like Kauai, and no other vacation like a vacation to Kauai. Find out more about Kauai….



It is one of Hawaii’s most unique island at 140 square miles. It is the smallest of the Hawaiian islands that a non-native Hawaiian is allowed to visit and is one of the least geared towards the tourist industry. There are two resorts, both of which are presently operated by the Four Seasons hotel and […]


Incorporated in 2003, Genius Goods Inc, finds useful and interesting products first and brings them to market.

For example, we long ago foresaw a trend towards smaller home living and concluded that a need for smaller appliances such as countertop dishwashers. Such products are also greener as they use less resources and operate for less money.

We will continue to find useful and innovative quality products. Stay tuned!